Yana gupta dating

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Anupam has deep knowledge and exposure of all forms of occult sciences whether remedial astrology, astro vaastu, numerology, palmistry, tarot, svara vidya, face reading and pendulum dowsing and is also India’s only phonetic numerologist.

Also an expert on Nostradamus predictions, currently he is writing a book on temples of South India…a karmic remedial insight.

Cosmic-ray-produced (3)He, (21)Ne, and (36)Ar yield concordant surface exposure ages of 78 ± 30 million years.

Surface exposure occurred mainly in the present geomorphic setting rather than during primary erosion and transport.

As a popular face on Indian television channels he has frequently appeared on AAJ TAK, IBN 7, and INDIA TODAY, ZEE NEWS, NEWS 24, ZOOM, CNN, CNBC, IBN, ZEE News, INDIA TV, ZOOM.

He predicted the date of Bombay 26/11 blasts on AAJ TAK on 6/8/2008 and of Delhi on 12/6/2008 two months before the blasts.

Other famous predictions include the India winning the World Cup 2011(Aaj Tak), overthrow of Mushraff predicted on AAJ TAK on 7/7/2008 and assassination of Benazir Bhutto on AAJ TAK, Congress winning the vote of confidence in 2008 and Narendra Modi becoming the PM and Prithviraj Chauhan and Devendra Fadnavis becoming the Chief Ministers on Zee News and IBN 7.

The Gherand Sanhita and the Vajrayana Tantra advise that the Mudras are capable of bestowing great powers and psychic abilities called "Siddhies" on their practitioners, hence, their knowledge should not be conveyed to those steeped in sin, to those that are not true to their word, to the skeptics and non believers, to heretics and insincere persons and those who do not observe the precepts.

Mudras have therefore always been considered an esoteric science and even as of date there are thousands of Mudras that are not available to the uninitiated (like in the Chen Yen Buddhism or True Buddha Schools).

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