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While the video shows the shooting of Castile, who was black, it does not show what happened in the car. He fired seven shots at Castile just seconds after the 32-year-old told the officer he had a gun.Castile, an elementary school cafeteria worker, had a permit to carry the weapon.In the past members developed a mobile APP for youth to use in times of stress.Members encourage youth employment by moderating the annual Hennepin County Teen Job Fair, leading employment workshop training and partnering and advising with the Teen Council and Step-Up at Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Department.“Yet the very same police department, even with that clear notice, continues to engage in the same outrageous conduct.” After the officer rolled over, moans were heard on the recording until other police barged in to complete the raid.An attorney for the officer argued that the cop didn’t think there would be enough evidence unless a sex act was performed.

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