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I glanced down a saw my morning wood was visible but she just smiled at me.

I slowly moved my hand to her beautiful body and moved my hand round the curve of her sexy ass. Things started heating up, I liked what I saw and she liked what she saw and we are both pretty open minded and decided to fuck in the bathroom! She queefed while that sticky cum oozed from her pink pussy burger and dripped all over the bathroom floor!

We survived this first awkward moment, until a few days later when I rushed to the bathroom only to find her brushing her teeth in sexy pink lingerie.

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I knelt on the bathroom floor, positioning my cock just between her ass cheeks. ” I pushed my cock all the way up her cunt and held it deep inside, squeezing her buttocks with both hands. I pulled my cock out of her cunt, and then thrust forward again, her wet labia caught the head of my cock and I was so deep in her body. She rubbed her wet muff while riding me and let me play with it too.

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