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This kind of grandfather clock takes the form of a tall wooden box.These are Danish long case clock driven by a pendulum made in Bornholm, a Danish island found in the Baltic Sea.Later on they developed, by means of simple tools, clocks for private households.They built them on iron strip frames simular to Gothic clocks. Its basic design lasted over the next 200 years – it became one of the most popular clocks within France, Spain and Switzerland.

The Horological Foundation is a non profit organisation.A Morbier clock can be distinguished thru a curving “potbelly” case and its style and design uses a majority of curved lines.A heavy, elongated and highly ornamented pendulum bob extends up the case and a wooden sheath protects the metal mechanism.Back in 1697, Huygens, a Dutchman, built for the first time ever a clock with a pendulum.The pendulum as such was invented by Galilei (1564-1642) The combination clock with pendulum measured hours, minutes as well as seconds with a remarkable precision.

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