Cross references in word 2016 not updating

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With a Word 2010 doc I've been inserting a lot of cross-references to Headings and choosing the option to display the Heading Text.

But, when I go and actually change the text of the heading that the cross-reference is referencing, the cross-reference doesn't change its text. If not, how do I set things up so that if I change the text of a Heading that all cross-references would automatically update their text to match?

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The benefit of inserting a cross-reference, rather than just typing in the earlier footnote number, is that inserting a cross-reference creates a hyperlink within the document.In addition, Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager includes smart and efficient cross-reference features that are not found elsewhere.For example, you can save language-specific custom cross-reference texts that contain placeholders for multiple cross-reference fields and insert the text, including all the cross-references, with a single click.To diagnose, I toggled Field Codes (ALT-F9) so that codes are visible.Then, after I modified a Heading, I inserted a new cross-reference next to the old cross-reference whose text wasn't changing.

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